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QBD BOOT CAMP. Book for one Seat and Bring a Friend. Learn how to increase sales. Discover how to get a CONSTANT STREAM of new customers in just two days…! The Best Bootcamp of the Month at Mercure Hotel, just fill out the form below we will come back to you
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"Do You Want To Know The Easiest Way To Increase Sales…?

Discover how to get a CONSTANT STREAM of new customers in just two days…"

Our two-day marketing workshop will bring you a step closer to massively increasing your chances of reaching your own personal and business goals. Together with like-minded individuals, you will learn incredible marketing techniques and practical strategies that will change the way you view the sales and marketing functions of your business forever.

You will leave the two day workshop with plenty of practical ideas you can use immediately. These are ideas that will assist you in implementing your 90 day Action Plan which you will create during the workshop.
Another great value of the QBD Boot Camp is that you will be able to share your experiences with other business owners, network and build life-time contacts.
We put together the QBD Boot Camp because we know we can help you make a huge difference in your business – We make it OUR BUSINESS TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS!
In these 2 days you will learn…

Business Growth Process: a simple 4 step process able to automatically grow your business with increased profits, plus the 3 immutable laws of business growth and development.
42 Marketing Principles: each capable of catapulting your sales and profit to levels you can’t imagine!
444 Strategies: to revolutionise your business and put you ahead of your competition.
USP & Positioning: these techniques are often enough to turn your business around or propel it further forward.
First 15 seconds: how to explain what you do in the first 15 seconds you meet a customer in a way that they are compelled to want to do business with you.
7 QUANTUM keys: each one is a crucial part of the jigsaw that determines the scale of your success. By improving your business activities with only 10% we can show you will get an increase of around 186%.
13 Critical Questions: these are questions that are commonly asked by customers consciously and sub-consciously before they make a buying decision – know these and you can sell just about anything.

QUANTUM provides you with the tools, techniques and expertise to maximise your success. We know that no matter what we say to convince you – you will want to try it for yourself without any risk to you.
What is surprising to discover is that all the strategies (all 444 of them) are what we call no or low cost strategies and to apply them will not break the bank. Instead our expert knowledge will give you a 90 day ACTION PLAN that you can implement immediately and will enable you to grow your sales, improve profitability, and assist you to develop new opportunities as well as an evolving intelligible expansion strategy that has possibly eluded you until now.


When you commit to our QBD BOOT CAMP, you are committing to SUCCESS! We are so confident that once you have experienced our marketing solution, there will be no looking back. We believe it will help you, that is why we give you a full 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Fill the form below to be able to Download the Free Report for details.

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Now that you know what we have in-store for you, this is how you can book yourself a seat:
Step 1: Fill in the APPLICATION FORM, book and pay for your seat then we will send you a confirmation email together with your booking details and pre-course reading material.
Step 2: Attend the intense 2 day QBD BOOT CAMP and walk away with a 90 day ACTION PLAN that you can implement immediately.
Step 3: Join our membership programme and get one month free plus a free 90 minute consultation within 45 days after the QBD BOOT CAMP.

Thinking about it any longer would be a waste of time! Just click here for your application form or call us on +2710 215 0119 for more information.

Please fill in your details for the APPLICATION FORM or book directly here

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